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The Addison Singers are a West London Choir founded more than 30 years ago

Latest news

  • The Poppy Factory

    04 November 2014
    The Poppy Factory is Addison Singers special charity partner for the Verdi Requiem. This wonderful local charity helps returning military personnel get back into the work-force and will be represented...
  • Four new Patrons join Addison Singers

    18 October 2014
    We are delighted to announce that Addison Singers has four new Patrons. Three are contemporary composers who have worked closely with Addison’s over the years and include Cecilia McDowall, Stephen Montague and Howard Skempton and David...
  • Largest numbers ever in the Oratorio Choir!

    29 September 2014
    This September we have recruited 28 new members to the Oratorio Choir making a wonderful choir of 150 singers, all excited about singing Verdi Requiem. Such an amazing experience singing...
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